Zircon rapid

Vitcas® Zircon Rapid is a two part cement consisting of a very high quality powder which is mixed together with a solution to form a brush coating paste or to a putty consistency. The product is designed for use as repair cement for jobs of a critical nature requiring high refractory and superior stability. The typical setting time is 5 minutes and the material will then continue to harden becoming rock hard after 15 minutes. Setting times can vary according to the ambient temperature.

Examples of Applications:

For repair of investment shells in the investment casting industry. Tests have proved that Vitcas® Zircon Rapid provides a safe, economical repair to cracks and to seal wax outlet vents. Also in the same industry it is ideal for coating shells in critical areas in order to achieve directional solidification with considerable metallurgical benefits.

Vitcas® Zircon Rapid is ideal to use for element bedding. It can be mixed to a pouring consistency and poured into a mould embedding the elements into a rapid setting ceramic block. Product can be fired to a high temperature (being refractory to 1750oC) with no adverse effects resulting in the high ultimate strength of the product being obtained.