Zircon paint coating

Zircon paint coatingZircon has a good resistance to the alkalis in molten glass and in metal slags. It is particularly effective in contact with aluminium alloys and can be applied to refractory bricks and alumina-silicate monolithic linings with equally good results. Zircon has good non wetting properties and there is also some evidence that zircon helps with corundum build up. Maximum service temperature 1750°C /3180°F



Examples of Applications:

  • Widely in Aluminium Industry
  • For application on ladles, furnaces and launders handling molten alloys.
  • For glass contact applications.
  • To seal and protect ceramic fibre linings and avoid the release of ceramic fibres into the workplace.

Supplied ready mixed or in powder form for mixing with water. It can be brush coated or sprayed.

If thinned with water it can be applied directly to warm refractories.