Silica refractory mortars

Silicas refractory mortarSilcas A – Ready Mixed Refractory Mortar

Silica based, ready mixed, refractory air setting mortar designed for setting and jointing both insulating and dense firebricks. Maximum service temperature 1400°C /2550°F

Examples of Applications:

Kiln and furnace side walls constructed from special shapes or conventional bricks. Kiln and furnace roofs constructed from arch bricks. Smaller kiln cars subjected to low-thermal and mechanical stress, kiln car decks - jointed pre-fired blocks. General repair work such as installation of burners, peep-hole blocks, thermocouples etc.

Silcas 1C

Silica based, high temperature, air setting cement developed specifically for use with Grade 130 Insulating Bricks. When fired, the strength of the mortar is very closely matched to that of the insulating bricks to avoid the bricks cracking or breaking from the action of the mortar. Maximum service temperature 1550°C /2820°F

CFA – Ceramic Fibre Adhesive

Ceramic Fibre Adhesive is a silica based, high temperature, air setting cement for use as a refractory surface coating or for use as an adhesive for ceramic fibre modules and laminates to brickwork or metal. The cement should be applied onto the refractory or steel surface not the ceramic fibre. As a surface coating the cement can be thinned with water before application as a protection against gas velocities or molten metal. Maximum service temperature 1260°C /2300°F

Silcas M – White Ready Mixed Refractory Mortar & Fibre Adhesive

White ready mixed, refractory air setting mortar. Maximum service temperature 1425°C /2600°F.

Examples of Applications:

Setting and jointing all of the insulating bricks and also extensively used in the precision casting industry in the investment casting lost wax process as an adhesive for sticking ceramic fibre blanket to ceramic shells.

Silcas HP

Silcas HP hot patch is a repair cement used to repair and seal door jambs in coke ovens.

Examples of Applications:

To repair foundry ladles and launders in non ferrous foundries when temp. does not exceed 1430°C / 2600°F.

Silcas SR

Refractory cement for in situ hot repair of the sole of coke ovens. This material is supplied dry and mixed on site and pumped into the oven. It can be spread along a sole of the oven using recoke push bar and allow to self level. Maximum service temperature 1400°C /2550°F.

Silcas RGW

Refractory Glaze Wash 1000ºC for coating brick and monolithic linings best applied by brush or spray although it is sufficiently thixotropic for trowel application. The recommended method is to brush hard onto the surface to give maximum bonding and to ensure an integral coating. To achieve maximum glazing efficiency, furnace lining coated should be taken up to 1000°C if possible on the first heat. Maximum service temperature 1000°C /1830°F.