Sealing & luting compound

Premium 1P

Vitcas® Premium 1P is a sealing compound for use in the manufacture or relining of bearings with white metal. During the casting of white metal, whether by the centrifugal or static method, many parts have to be stopped off to prevent access of white metal, e.g. base of bearing, header ring, oil and dowel holes etc. Premium 1P has been specifically developed for this application and sets hard when heat is applied and resists attack from white metal satisfactorily.

Maximum service temperature 1400°C /2550°F

Premium 1P is easy to apply and, whilst adhesion to the hot jig or mandrel is excellent, it will not stick to the gloves, thus facilitating an easy sealing operation.

Vitcas® Premium 1P will stop white metal leaks instantly.

One major advantage of Premium 1P is that once it has served its purpose and the white metal has solidified, it is comparatively easy to remove by normal machining methods. This is a rather important property which is achieved by carefully selecting the fillers and the concentration of bond. Other fire cement grades have been used for this application in the past and, whereas they sealed quite satisfactorily, they were very difficult to remove afterwards by normal machine tools. This sealing process is often referred to as luting and, therefore, Premium 1P can be regarded as a luting compound. It is important to note that, although Premium 1P was primarily developed as a sealing compound against white metal, there are certainly many other sealing and masking applications to which Premium 1P is equally applicable.