Wood burning clay ovens for bread & pizza
Pre-cast shapes


Vitcas® Pompeii series consists of bread and pizza ovens, which are manufactured from high class refractories and are larger than Vitcas® Casa series. The Pompeii 100 comes in a few sections which you then need to assemble together with the aid of the heat resistant silicone. It is easy to construct. Good insulation can be provided using Vitcas Insulation Board and Insulation Blanket. Furthermore, the design can be altered using paints, coloured bricks, tiles, etc.

Vitcas® Pompeii 100 wood-fired bread and pizza oven has a capacity to hold 4-5 pizzas at a time, hence being suitable for larger families and households, or for when gatherings and parties are held. It can be installed both outdoors and indoors, provided that all building safety regulations are followed.

The Pompeii 100 wood-burning oven can be very efficient when insulated properly. It will retain heat longer which is prefect for foods which require slow-cooking or roasting. This way you will also be saving on using extra wood since the heat will remain longer. As a result, it is environmentally friendly.
Vitcas Pompeii 100 pre cast shapes wood fired pizza and bread oven

The dimensions of the oven are as follows:

External: 1,000mm wide x 1,320mm deep x 440mm high
Internal: 800mm wide x 1,000mm deep x 400mm high
No. of pizzas: 4-5 at the time

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