Stove Rope Replacement Kit – White & Black

Contains 2 metres of fire rope, Vitcas® rope adhesive and protective gloves.
Stove Rope Replacement Kit – White & Black

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Stove Fire Rope – White & Black

Stove Fire Rope is used for sealing, gasketing and jointing purposes, e.g. to seal around the inside of stove doors and to join the flue systems to appliances. Resistant to 550oC.

Self Adhesive Stove Glass Tape– 2 Metres – White & Black

Used as a gasket to seal stove glass windows in stove doors and openings. Resistant to 550oC.

Stove Thermal Tape – White

Stove fibreglass tape designed to replace the seal around windows in the frame of a woodstove, coal stove or fireplace insert stove door. Removes & cleans glass & encases its edges before putting it back. Rates to 550oC.

Heat Resistant Rope Adhesive White & Black

Vitcas®Rope Seal Adhesive is heatproof at 1000oC. Fixes ceramic fibre seals, thermal ropes and tapes to doors of pizza ovens, stoves and boilers.