Premium Fire Cement

The Main Characteristics of Fire Resistant Cement

Given below are some of the main characteristics of fire cement:

  • Rated to 1250oC
  • Easy to use material
  • Provides extremely tight joints to fumes and smoke
  • When allowed to dry and exposed to heat, it strengthens and becomes a very hard seal
  • It has very strong properties of adhesive even at very high temperatures
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces wherever there is high amount of heat

It can also be used for rendering. Special range Premium Fire Cement available for Industrial applications.

Vitcas Premium Fire Cement


  • jointing flue pipes
  • fiixing cracks in bricks of stoves etc
  • repairing damaged firebacks

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Premium Fire Cement – Black

Vitcas® Premium Black is a ready mixed black fire cement. Ideal for patching and repairing firebricks, fireplaces, solid fuel ovens, boilers and central heating systems. Rates to 1250oC.

Fireplace Render

Vitcas® Fireplace Render is a prepared dry mix which provides a protective rendering for vulnerable materials, e.g. brick, stone and concrete, which can be damaged by exposure to heat. Resistant to 1400oC.

Heat Resistant Sealant

Vitcas® Heat Resistant Sealant is used for fixing and sealing gaps in ceramics, glass, metal and other silicate materials. High heat resistance up to 1300oC. Heatproof sealant is highly adhesive.

Black Fire Cement - Vitcas BFC

Black Fire Cement Sealant rates to 1250oC. In 310ml cartridges for easy application. Used to seal stove pipes, flues and used in other high temperature joints.