Heat Resistant Sealant

Vitcas® Heat Resistant Sealant is a ready mixed high temperature sealing and caulking paste for use in fixing and jointing as well as for fire protection will withstand up to 1300oC. For sealing or fixing ceramics, glass, metal and other silica based materials. It has good adhesion and gap filing properties to seal or joint these materials.

Heat Resistant Sealant


  • Ready mixed
  • Resistant up to 1300oC
  • Fixes ceramics, glass, metal and other silica based materials

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Heat Resistant Silicone

Vitcas® Heat Resistant Silicone is a heatproof flexible sealant for joints in contact with high heat- flues and stove pipes. Maximum service temperature of 300oC. Available in black.

Flue Cement

Vitcas® Flue Cement is a high temperature ready mixed fireproof mortar paste. Designed for safe installation and jointing of concrete flue liners in domestic fireplaces and stoves, etc. Resistant to direct flame.

Heat Resistant Board Adhesive 310ml

Heat resistant adhesive for joints between high temperature insulation boards, vermiculite boards, plasterboards and construction boards.

Intumescent & Acoustic Sealant

A halogen-free acrylic sealant which provides a 4 hour fire barrier in pipework, door frames and window sills. Also for sealing fireboards. Has excellent sound damping properties.