Glass Fibre Tape

Fibreglass tape is designed for use on exhaust systems. It is wrapped around an exhaust system in order to retain the heat for longer and improve engine efficiency. Additionally, the glass fibre tape reduces the amount of smoke/exhaust from the first use.
Heat resistant at 600oC short-term working temperature and 550oC continuous working temperature.
Used for the insulation of pipes, electric cables and for electrical insulation. Fibreglass tape can be used alongside Vitcas Rope Adhesive. Glass fibre tapes are available in white and black colour.
Heat Resistant Glass Fibre Tape

Examples of Application:

  • Insulating pipes
  • Exhaust pipe insulation
  • Covering cables
  • Electrical insulation

Related products

Self Adhesive Stove Glass Tape– 2 Metres – White & Black

Used as a gasket to seal stove glass windows in stove doors and openings. Resistant to 550oC.

Ladder Tape - White

White Glass Fibre Ladder Tape. 2 metres. Resistant to 600oC. Used as a replacement for ceramic fibre seal. Applications include sealing and gasketing oven windows and providing insulation.

Stove Thermal Tape – White

Stove fibreglass tape designed to replace the seal around windows in the frame of a woodstove, coal stove or fireplace insert stove door. Removes & cleans glass & encases its edges before putting it back. Rates to 550oC.

Thermal Tape

Vitcas®Thermal Tape is manufactured from textured glassfibre yarn and is used for sealing glass window panels into stove doors. Available in self adhesive and plain types. Use with Vitcas® Stove Rope Adhesive.