Glass Fibre PTFE Coated

Glass fibre sewing thread with uniform PTFE coating provides high heat resistance. The fiberglass is very flexible due to its PTFE coating which makes it so ideal for many industrial applications such as sewing of protection wear and other heat resistant fabrics. Its high-strength chemical resistance prevents destruction by harmful acids and alkalis and reduces the risk of kinking, breaking or stripping-back as most temperature resistant threads do.

Glass Fibre PTFE Coated

Examples of Application:

  • for sewing gloves
  • airbags
  • fire protection clothing
  • insulation covers for flues and valves
  • other finished textile products for high temperature use in industry.

Related products

Glass Fibre Aluminium Coated Cloth

The fibreglass cloth is coated with aluminium foil in order to reduce fraying and its fabric helps to effectively reduce loss of heat by radiation. Rated at 550oC.

Vermiculite Coated Fibreglass Cloth

Glass fibre cloth is coated with vermiculite which increases the temperature resistance up to 1000oC due to its high insulating properties.

Graphite Coated Glass Fibre Cloth

Glass fibre cloth coated with graphite is resistant to 1000oC. Suitable for applications such as sewing heat protection quilts. Has good abrasion resistance.

Glass Fibre Fabric Acrylic Coating

Glass fibre cloth is coated with acrylic material which makes it a more rigid cloth for abrasion resistance. Maximum service temperature of up to 600oC.