Chimney and Flue Cleaner

Vitcas® CFC Chimney and Flue Cleaner is a high quality, non-corrosive cleaning product for chimneys and flues. The chimney and flue cleaner eliminates creosote, tar and soot deposits inside all types of chimneys and all types of flues, including stainless steel flexible flue liners. Over time and with regular use, the tar and creosote deposits in chimneys and flues will become minimised.

The way in which this works is by reacting with the acid in the deposits and crystallising them, so that they fall down or are removed when sweeping the chimney. Additionally, this can prevent chimney fires from occurring.
CFC Chimney Flue Cleaner Vitcas

Key characteristics:

  • Non-corrosive
  • Dosage: 2-4 scoops twice per week
  • Colour: light brown

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