Ceramic Fibre Sealing Strip

Provides an airtight seal between the panels of the stoves
6mm x 3mm or 10mm x 4mm
Ceramic Fibre Sealing Strip

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Self Adhesive Stove Glass Tape– 2 Metres – White & Black

Used as a gasket to seal stove glass windows in stove doors and openings. Resistant to 550oC.

Ladder Tape - White

White Glass Fibre Ladder Tape. 2 metres. Resistant to 600oC. Used as a replacement for ceramic fibre seal. Applications include sealing and gasketing oven windows and providing insulation.

Glass Fibre Tape

Glass fibre tape serves to a maximum temperature of 600oC. It has excellent insulating properties for use in exhaust systems, pipes and electric cables. Available in both black and white.

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Glass fibre square packing ropes provide excellent flexibility, good spring back and have high mechanical strength. They are heat resistant up to 1260oC.