Ceramic fibre rigidiser

Ceramic fibre rigidiser

Vitcas® Ceramic Fibre Rigidizer is a silicate compound for treating the surface of ceramic fibre blanket, modules, boards and vacuum formed components to give  a hard outer shell in order to seal the surface and protect against erosion.




  • Surface coating for ceramic fibre materials exposed to high velocity gases
  • Hardening coat for ceramic fibre materials used in forges 
  • Sealing coat for ceramic fibre materials used in ceramic kilns to prevent fibres dropping onto the work 
  • Surface hardener for vacuum formed ceramic fibre shapes


Can be applied by brushing, dipping, rolling and spraying. Ceramic fibre surfaces should be clean and free of grease and oil.


The coverage will vary with the  density of the blanket and the method of application but on average 5 litres will cover 2m2 as a surface coat and 20 litres will be needed to completely saturate 1m2 of 25mm thick ceramic fibre blanket (based on 1260 grade 128 density).